Spot Award Nomination Form

Spot Award Nomination


To nominate someone for a Spot Award, please complete this online form.

In your nomination, please include a few sentences describing what the employee did to deserve a Spot Award.  Employees may receive up to one Spot Award per year, but you are allowed to submit multiple nominations for multiple different employees throughout the year.

The Spot Award is intended to recognize the significant value an employee has provided to the University through some task, project or other action where they demonstrated one or more of University Services' three values:

Stewardship - Managing people, processes, and/or resources wisely

Integrity - Keeping one's word, honoring commitments, taking responsibility

Respect - Treating others as one would like to be treated, displaying good manners, being considerate of others' opinions, cultures, and beliefs



To be eligible for a Spot Award, the employee being nominated must:

  • Be a Bargaining Unit, Civil Service or P&A employee within University Serivces (student and temp/casual employees are not eligible)
  • Be in good standing, i.e. not currently on suspension or under any other administrative enforcement
  • Not have already received a Spot Award within the past 12 months