T ADM TES Request Prospective

Use this form to request a course be evaluated for equivalency by a University of Minnesota Twin Cities academic department.  The department can determine whether:

1. The course is equivalent (a direct match) to a course at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

2. The course counts as an elective within the appropriate subject area.

3.  The course counts as degree credit, but does not have an equivalency.

4.  The course does not transfer to the University of MInnesota Twin Cities.



  • Many courses have already been reviewed.  Courses that have already been reviewed will not be routed for evaluation.  See Transferology (http://www.transferology.com/school/umn) for a record of reviewed transfer courses.
  • You must upload a syllabus or detailed course outline as part of your request.  You are responsible for obtaining a syllabus before submitting a course you want evaluated.
  • You must submit a separate request for each course you want evaluated.
  • You can expect a response to your email address within 4 weeks of submitting this request.

Note that approval of an equivalency request does not take into account earned grades and does not waive any degree requirements.  All degree and graduation requirements, including residency and upper division credit requirements, must be met to earn a degree from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.



Phone: 612-625-2008

TTY (hearing impaired):  612-625-9051