Undergraduate Change of College & Additional Degree Application

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Instructions & college selection

Undergraduate Programs - Twin Cities

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Eligibility & about this process

The Undergraduate Change of College and Additional Degree Application is for current or previously-enrolled University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Rochester students who want to change their current college to another UMN Twin Cities college, or apply for an additional degree in a college they are not currently enrolled in.

Students who have not yet started their first semester at the UMN Twin Cities campus, or transferring from outside the University, should contact the Office of Admissions for assistance iwht their college or degree.


Please review all information and complete all required information. 

Note: if you have taken coursework at another institution, and you have not submitted your transcripts to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, please contact the other institutions to submit transcripts prior to review of this application. 

Please note the deadlines for the college you select below. You will be unable to proceed if today's date is outside of the eligible submission window for the college you select.

College selection

You can only apply to one college per application. If you need to submit applications for multiple colleges, please fill out a separate application for each college. 

If you are accepted to both colleges, you will be contacted in order to confirm that you are admitted to your first choice college. 

Which college are you applying to? Required
Do not select a college that you are currently enrolled in - you will be unable to proceed. If you need to change your major or add a second major within your current college, contact your Academic Advisor for help. You do not need to complete this process.

For technical issues, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at help@umn.edu or 612-301-HELP (4357).

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